Problems Of The Third World


The second world war ended with a new geographical mapping of the world.USA and USSR emerged as the two super powers and they both try to maintain their circle of influence.Many countries of latin America,Africa and Asia form the third world. The biggest problem of these countries are population,literacy rate,poverty and inflation.Most of these countries are over populated.A large percentage of their populaton live below the poverty line.Most of the third world countries are agricultural.But productivity on land is very low.Industrial growth is very slow.In science and technology they are backword.Their imports are more then exports.Their per capita is very low as compared to developed countries. Underdevelopment makes an unmistakable mark on the state of social organisationin a third world.Poverty,ignorance and diseases walk hand in hand wih the people.Thier percentage of literacy is very low.Poor health and hygiene,lack of transport facilities are other problems. Political non-stability is another important problem of third world countries.Common man is not aware of his rights.The rulling class is not interested in the wel-fare of the people.They work as an agent of the western countries.Corruption is rampant,no one obays law and order. Unemployment rate is growing day by day which is causing many problems for the governments of these countries.Inspite of best efforts by the investors and the government,it is generally impossible to achieve full level of employment under the present economic and social conditions. Inflation is rising head in these countries.As a result of rising inflation, the economic information required for intellegent decision making,is also muddled and lost,and investment and fundamental research all suffer,diminoshing a society's capital to renew it self. It is time that countries of the third world must act sensibly.A high degree of planning is required to make full use of thier avaliable resources.The rulling class must realise their responsibilities and think about the people and country.

About the author: I am a student of Karachi university this is my first article ever.

Author: Muhammad Sumair Sarwar
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