Hell is hot but it isn't a bad place to Live

Let's face it Hell has gotten a bad wrap over the years. I mean, is it really all that bad to go to Hell? It’s not so much Hell that’s the problem. It’s the company that resides within confines of the Netherworld. Whether it's the Dark Lord or some of his evil little Dominions causing a ruckus, it’s the company not so much the place.

Hell has fantastic scenery of glowing red that bounces off the ever flowing lake of fire that literally lights up the Hell-sky! This continuous flowing lake sends off the slightest roar of delicate thundering into the air. It’s a truly tranquil sound as it snakes its way throughout the hills and valleys of the Netherworld! As the Flames lick the everlasting fiery night sky with snaps of joy, the air warms and becomes quite warm and pleasant. Therefore, there is no need for snow shovels & snow blowers in Hell

Another term for Hell is Bottomless Pit. This brings me to the aspect of the residents that call Hell their home. Hell is packed with its fair share of evilness. I mean let’s face it the Devil or Lucifer has not been known to be a good neighbor. Because the bottomless pit is, well, bottomless, there are plenty of places that one can go to settle down. We don’t necessarily have to go to Hell and set up camp directly across from the thrown of Beelzebub himself, we can go miles away, somewhere more north even. It’s time we stand up and say •I’m not going to take it any longer! I want to live in Hell and no one is going to stop me, not even the Devil him self!”

9 out of 10 preachers disapprove this article (even though it was in good fun)…..okay, not really.

About the author: Edward Kemper does not believe that everything in life should be taken very seriously, not even Hell. Life is short, enjoy it. www.hellestates.com

Author: Edward Kemper
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