Pakistanis' future in US

Pakistanis' future in US

Of late, Pakistani society in the US is going through a lot of soul searching to identify a strategy for our future in this country. We are gradually working towards understanding the subtleties of American culture.

Generally, these values are acceptable to the Pakistani-American society. We value the diversity and the plurality of opinions that is embedded, in an immigrant community.

The Pakistani-Americans form an industrious community having a positive attitude towards American society. We have always worked for the betterment of our host country. We volunteer our time in promoting general welfare. Being highly qualified in the areas of science and technology, we are successful in various professions.

Having strong work ethics, we are respected in the business world as well. All this makes a sound foundation for a successful immigrant society. Our future depends on our continued strength, which lies in the ingrained values that we have accumulated over the years. Strategically our future is intertwined with that of the American society. We should continue our future generations to be adequately educated in areas of science and technology.

This strategic path will bring most of us into the mainstream of Americana. Our future in the United States also depends on how we continue interacting with the society at large.

About the author: im belong to syed family and im now studing in karachi university in computer science department

Author: Syed Asad Ali Zaidi
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